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Skull Women Leather Jacket - 03474
Skull Women Leather Jacket - 03474
Skull Women Leather Jacket - 03474

Skull Women Leather Jacket - 03474

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Print on the back of the jacket, can print on the front chest and arm part

The materials used in faux-leather jackets are made up of poly urethane (PU), a plastic-like material. Wilsons Leather works hard to offer real leather products to customers, but PU pieces allow us to expand our offerings without moving away from our leather roots. Faux-leather jackets that are made of PU are less expensive, and the reduced price of this material means that more customers are able to afford the look of leather for less. 

As a PU-based product, faux-leather is a vegan-friendly option. People who would like to complement their wardrobe by adding the look of leather can do so without compromising their vegan lifestyle by opting for faux-leather jackets. Especially, using PU instead of real leather will protect wildlife animals and the environment around us.

While PU products may have had a fake look in the past, technology has allowed these products to look more like the real thing. High-quality materials help to create a look that closely matches real leather, and Wilsons Leather sources materials from trusted suppliers to ensure that the final product does not have the plastic-like look and feel that some competitors' faux-leather jackets have. The finished product not only looks more like real leather, but it is also easy to clean and keep in top shape.


The Faux Leather will stay in great condition with hand washing


We print our product using high quality flat print, a technology that allows for us to produce these insanely vibrant all over designs. Each jacket is created and hand-finished. High construction quality with great attention to detail ensures these jacket won't ever fade, crack, or peel!

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